Working With A Buyer’s Agent

If you are looking by house then you’ll probably seen all of the websites online, they cater to home buyers. What many of these websites lack, is a trusted resource that you can use when simply trying to buy. Many companies claim that they are buyers agents, or that they just work with the sellers, but that is often not the case. You will find a lot of misleading information online, and it is hard to decipher through the clutter and determine who you should work with, and who has your best interest at heart. Often times you will find a website claiming that they just represent buyers, but what you don’t see, is that another agent within the same office will cater to the sellers. So in essence, you are working with a buyers agent, but the company as a whole is representing both sides of the real estate transaction.

DC Homes for Sale

When your looking for DC  homes for sale, and start searching through all of the listings that are presented in Zillow, Trulia, or a host of other sites that list of homes for sale. You have the ability with many of these sites to search for homes, and then enter your information, and have a real estate agent contact. You’ll read great claims from real estate agents all over the country and testimonials on why you should work with them. Obviously, this is a good thing. However, you need to make sure that these testimonials are valid and true. If you’re searching for a true buyer’s agent, you’re going to find many listings of real estate professionals that will represent both sides of the transaction. That may not be in your best interest, so you need to dig even deeper to find what you’re looking for.

Let’s explain how buyers agent can help you when looking to purchase a home. If a real estate agent represents buyers only, and truly will not work with sellers, this is a win-win for you. Real estate agents are paid a commission based upon the house they held by, or the house they help sell. In a situation of selling a house, the real estate agent is making money once the home is sold. The time frame of the listing is usually six months, as long as the agent can sell a home in that time frame, they will receive their commission.

In the case of a buyers agent, they are not paid until they help you find the home you’re looking for. You may look at 10, 15, or 25 houses, before you finally settle in your dream home. As a buyers agent, the real estate agent will not receive a commission until you sign the paperwork on your new house. The real estate agent has to work hard to earn his or her money. There is an incentive for them to help you by, but at the end of the day, you’re not paying a nickel for their services. The homeowner who is selling the home is the person that pays the real estate commission in the transaction. Usually it is split with 3% going to the buyer, and 3% going to the seller.